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"What's A Girl To Do | The single out 09/07/07
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Fur and Gold Archive Site

Welcome to the archive of the Bat for Lashes website made for her debut album 'Fur and Gold'. All news and live dates relate to a number of years ago, so for all latest news, live dates and Bat for Lashes information visit the current website

August 2nd

Bat for Lashes debut album 'Fur and Gold' has been released in the US through Caroline Records. It will be available in all good record stores.

To commemorate this occasion Bat for Lashes performed an exclusive session for the KCRW morning show 'Morning Becomes Eclectic'.

You can listen to that in full or, rather modernly, can watch the actual session by following this link

July 17th

Bat for Lashes nominated for the Nationwide Mercury prize

Exciting news - as you may have already heard, Bat for Lashes have been shortlisted for the Nationwide Mercury Prize for her debut album 'Fur and Gold'.
It's fair to say that Natasha is very pleased about it all and wants to thank all the people who have supported her this far.

The winner is to be announced on September the 4th.

July 16th

Welcome to the new web site...

As you can see Bat for Lashes have a new website, which has been made as a collaboration between Natasha and web design company pensandpencilsandpens

There are a stack of new images that have been added to the 'Images' section, with more to be added very soon.
There is also the brand new 'Fur and Gold' page which has all the handwritten lyrics from the album.

We hope you enjoy looking around.

July 9th

Cover of new single - What's A Girl to Do | Out Now| Bat for Lashes

The new Bat for Lashes single 'What's A Girl To Do' is out now.

It has been released on CD, 7" and as a download.
It can be bought in all formats from a variety of places including:

Amazon, HMV, iTunes and

July 3rd

Fur and Gold has been released officially in France.
Follow this link for further information and for places to purchase it from.

June 7th

Click here to watch the video for Whats A Girl To Do

Watch the video for upcoming single
'What's A Girl To Do' by clicking here.

Out 09/07/07

May 18th

Bat for Lashes will be playing live on the Channel 4 show 'Transmission'.
It will be broadcast on the 25th May at 11:40pm.

Also, Bat for Lashes will be headlining the Homefires Festival on Sunday the 3rd of June. Have a look here for further details.

Or better yet visit the Homefires myspace site and become their friend.
They're good, good people.

May 6th

Bonbi Forest have made some new, strictly limited edition, Bat for Lashes tees for both the ladies and the gents to enjoy.

Buy Bonbi Forest Bat for Lashes Merchandise here

Each one has been handprinted from an original design made exclusively for Bat For Lashes.
You can buy them here.

May 2nd

'Fur and Gold' the debut album by Bat For Lashes is being made available on Limited Edition Midnight Blue Vinyl by Manimal Vinyl

There are only 1000 copies and they are expected to sell out pretty quick. It will be released on May 9th 2007, but can be pre-ordered by following this link.

April 11th

Have a look at the'Live' page for the current list of festivals that Bat for Lashes and her live band will be appearing at, including ATP Vs The Fans and Glastonbury.

March 8th

Bat for Lashes will be playing three dates at this years SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas.
Have a look here for details.

March 5th

'Prescilla' is available as a download single from today.
You can order it from most download sites, such as iTunes and 7Digital.

You can also watch the full footage of Bat for Lashes playing at the Amsterdam Paradiso by following this handy link.

February 12th

You can see Bat for Lashes performing live on the BBC 2's 'The Culture Show' by following this link.

February 8th

We like snow, so things are good.

Bat for Lashes will be appearing on 'The Culture Show' this coming Saturday, the 10th of February.
She will be performing live and it will be on BBC2 and undoubtably repeated on a digital channel too, but have you tried to find the listings for those things?

Anyway, hope you can watch it.

January 28th

The new single 'Prescilla' is being released on the 5th of March as a download and on the 12th of March on enhanced CD. It comes with the b-side 'I'm On Fire' and the enhanced CD conatins an exclusive video.
'Prescilla' has been especially re-recorded for this release. Natasha flew to Brooklyn specifically to work closely with producer Matt Boynton and a horn section to reinterpret 'Prescilla' and produce a more raw, rhythmic and full sound.

The b-side is Natasha's sensual piano ballad version of Bruce Springsteen's 'I'm On Fire'. The cover is now a highlight of the live set, and this version was recorded for Rob Da Bank's radio show and played regularly by him on Radio 1.

The video for Prescilla was directed by Andy Bruntel, who recently shot Will Oldham's video for 'Cursed Sleep'. It is a a bewitching, dark and beautifully shot video including magicians, dreamscapes and lots of flying.

January 18th

Hey. How's tricks?
There is an exclusive interview with Natasha on the Guardian website. You can listen to it here. That's right, it's been recorded, in the modern fashion, as a podcast. On it Natasha talks about the album, what inspired it and all manner of things.

Also on the 5th of March, Prescilla is being released as a single. There is a video for it too. We will sort something out so that you can see it as soon as we see it ourselves.

January 9th

Happy New Year!
There are some more songs from Fur and Gold to listen to on the 'Audio' page. Go and have a listen....